Cash management

Do you need efficient support for your international payment transactions?

Are you looking for efficient solutions for corporate treasury management?

Do you intend to open a bank account for your company in Switzerland?

Opening a bank account in Switzerland for a foreign company is often not possible for banks to manage risk.

A solution to overcome this problem is represented by the possibility of opening a treasury account by entrusting us with a wealth management mandate.


In this way, your company will be able to benefit from the solidity and professionalism of the Swiss banking system, as well as diversify the “country risk”.


In addition to this the liquid assets of your company that are not immediately necessary for the business will be invested in order to produce a return (current accounts do not provide any remuneration today) and minimizing risks.


To what is indicated the tax advantage of managing liquidity is added while it is still available in the company, before any distribution in the form of a dividend or remuneration. The liquidity under management is thus not reduced by taxes, producing higher incomes. Taxes will only be paid when distributing liquidity.

Our cash management services include:


Opening of banking relations in Switzerland and, on request, on other financial centers


Corporate liquidity management (cash management)


Customized liquidity management solutions


Support in the execution of international payment transactions