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Who we are

Albula Advisors is a Swiss trust company based in Lugano, active since 2013.

Our services are primarily oriented towards High-Net-Worth Individuals, especially but not only entrepreneurs, to whom we provide asset management services, financial advice and business consultancy.


Unlike what happens in banks and larger consulting firms, our services are not standardized but are tailor-made based on the specific needs of the customer, by following a “boutique” approach.

Wealth management

Or do you prefer to delegate the management of your assets to an experienced professional?

Do you not have time to follow the daily trend of the financial markets?

Do you lack the experience to manage your assets effectively?

Do you have your opinion on the financial markets and do you intend to follow your intuitions by comparing yourself with a professional?

Do you want to make your investment decisions, using professional support?

Do you want to be contacted pro-actively in urgent cases or just for an update?

Do you need efficient support for your international payment transactions?

Are you looking for efficient solutions for corporate treasury management?

Do you intend to open a bank account for your company in Switzerland?

Operative model

This website and the information contained herein are intended exclusively for clients domiciled or having their registered office in Switzerland and, in any case, not for legal or natural persons, as well as partnerships and collective entities, belonging to jurisdictions where, by virtue of nationality, type of person, domicile or residence, registered office, or for any other reason, access to the website, its consultation, availability, publication, as well as the presentation of financial services or the marketing of certain financial products is prohibited or subject to restrictions.