Don’t you have the time to follow the daily developments in the financial markets?
Do you lack the experience to effectively manage your assets?
Or simply do you prefer to delegate to an experienced professional the management of your assets?

Then our portfolio management mandates are the right solution for you. You shall not then worry about the choice of securities or financial instruments and may devote your time to your activities and interests. Giving us a portfolio management mandate, you will be involved in determining the investment strategy that best suits your needs. We will consider your return objectives and your risk tolerance; as well as your personal circumstances, your investment preferences, your liquidity needs and the time horizon.


 We employ a structured investment process: 

We evaluate the research produced by several banks and by international sources of economic and financial information

Based on this information, we determine our investment policy

We then define the optimal mix of asset classes, markets and currencies

We implement the investment strategy taking the investment decisions and executing them.


We are fully independent in the choice of the financial instruments that we use in our mandates, as we have no obligation with any provider („open architecture“) nor we have proprietary vehicles. If you prefer to, we can also use single securities for your mandate, provided the size of your assets allows an effective risk diversification. We use an internal control process which ensures that the management of your assets respects the defined strategy. We will continuously monitor the financial markets as well as the political and economic global environment. We will inform you with transpartent reports on a regular basis. Upon request, we can prepare a consolidated report comprising several banking positions, which will allow you to get a clear overview of your assets.


 Our portfolio management services include: 

Risk profile analysis and investment strategy definition

Portfolio management mandates

– globally diversified

– with a wide range of asset classes (“open architecture”)

– using efficient investment vehicles as well as single stocks and bonds

Portfolio monitoring

Regular reporting

Consolidation of bank deposits