Independence and Objectivity

We are fully independent, since our remuneration structure is free from any element that could impair our professional advice. We use reasonable care and judgment to achieve and maintain independence and objectivity in our professional activity.



Before making an investment recommendation or action, we consider your investment experience, your risk and return objectives, your investment preferences and any constraints. We help you to achieve your financial goals while protecting your assets from unnecessary risks. We consider an investment as suitable for you only when, in the context of the total portfolio, it respects your financial situation and it is consistent with your objectives/constraints and the mandate assigned to us. We assess and update this information regularly.


Diligence and Reasonable Basis

We use diligence, independence and thoroughness in analyzing investments, making investments recommendations and taking investment actions. A reasonable and adequate basis, supported by appropriate research and investigation, is condition for any investment analysis, recommendation or action.



We offer a competitive fee structure tied to your objectives. We do not perceive any retrocessions nor incentive, so you will enjoy preferential conditions with our partner banks. We use in our mandates efficient investment vehicles as well as individual securities. We ensure flawless execution of your investment instructions.