Albula Advisors is an independent consulting “boutique” based in Lugano. Our core competencies are wealth management and business consulting.
Our target audience is represented by entrepreneurs and small-medium sized enterprises, to whom we provide high value-added services tailored according to the their specific needs.


Our main goals are

 Creating value: Helping entrepreneurs to do business through: 

marketing strategies and commercial scouting

business internationalization strategies

cash management solutions

accounting services and tax advice


 Protecting and enhancing value: Helping entrepreneurs to manage their assets through: 

Appropriate investment solutions and asset protection strategies

Wealth management and investment advice with close monitoring of risk and return objectives aligned with the client profile

Financial advice

Reporting and control of thid parties‘ work


We have an established professional network internationally which allows us to serve our customers on a global scale. We can express ourselves professionally in several languages besides Italian. We want to stand out for our professional skills, which are at the same time high and diversified, as well as our dynamism that brings us to quickly and effectively solve our clients’ problems.



Albula Advisors is an indipendent financial advisory firm. We are obliged only to our clients and paid according to a “fee-only” scheme. Our advice is free from any factor that may affect our objectivity of judgment. Our strategy is free from any factor that may combine wealth management with corporate advisory and family office services. In particular, entrepreneurs will find in us a reliable partner who will advise them inn complex decisions. We offer a complete service to individuals and companies aiming to relocate to Switzerland. We share with our customers values, goals and strategies, leaving nothing to chance. Our mission is a shared path.