Andrea Artioli, Founder and Chairman of Albula Advisors SA

Degree in business administration at the University of St. Galle

Master of Business Administration at SDA – Bocconi University, Milan

Swiss Certified Accountant

Certified Wealth Management Advisor

Authorized Chartered Accountant

Authorized Asset Manager

Member of the Swiss Fiduciary Chamber of Certified Accountants and Tax Advisors

He started his professional career with his family‘s business, where he had the opportunity to travel around the world and get in contact with many companies and major industries Andrea then joined a well-known accounting and tax firm in Lugano in order to develop his competences. He remained with the firm for many years, working as a business consultant and an auditor. He often worked on international projects, having also the opportunity to join a firm oft the group in London. During this experience, Andrea became executive director and partner of the firm. He also obtained in Zurich the diploma of Swiss Certified Accountant, entitling him to practice as an experienced auditor.
Subsequently, Andrea joined a multinational bank in Lugano, where he worked, as a member of the management, with a private banking team dedicated to entrepreneurs. Andrea gained a significant competence in the wealth management area, obtaining also the certification as a “Certified Wealth Management Advisor”. With nearly two decades of experience behind him, Andrea realized his professional goal, founding his own firm. Thanks to his interdisciplinary background, he can assist with a full range of services the client group he has always been dealing with: the entrepreneurs. Albula Advisors was then born. Andrea communicates fluently in Italian, English, German and French. Other languages: Spanish and Russian.