Albula Advisors owes its name to the Albula Pass, a Swiss Alpine pass located in the Canton of Grisons at 2,312 meters above sea level. An ancient road that dates back to Roman times and winds its way between inaccessible and spectacular mountains, connecting the Engadin village of La Punt-Chamuesch, near St. Moritz, to that of Bergün in the Val d’Alvra.

During a ski excursion at the foot of the Albula Pass in the winter of 2012, I conceived the “Albula Advisors” project, that is the creation of a free and independent consultancy company (the “advisors”), which would write its own future by starting from a completely white sheet, (the Latin word “albus” means in fact white). In addition to a healthy and legitimate desire for self-fulfillment, I finally wanted to be able to tell customers what I thought was really correct and above all in their interests, without having to respect the hateful “stable orders” typical of large structures. The time had come to cross the pass.
Andrea Artioli
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