Albula Advisors owes its name to the Albula Pass, a mountain pass in the Alps of Grisons located at 2,312 meters (7,595 feet) above sea level. An ancient route existing since the Roman times connects the village of La Punt-Chamuesch in the Engadine to that of Bergün in the Val d’Alvra and then to Chur in the Rear Rhine valley. This route offers a fast way to the Engadine and it is characterized by a sometimes steep and narrow trail that winds through rugged mountains. Despite modernization, the character and course of the road have been preserved through centuries. It represents nowadays a preferred way to Engadine for driving enthusiasts, cyclists and connoisseurs of the Swiss Alps. Efficiency, conservation, ability and knowledge: these features of the Albula Pass inspire us and represent our daily commitment.


We are sure that arts and sports enhance our existence and facilitate to obtain an equilibrate personal and professional life, which permit to pours out fantasy and intuition: these appear trough new physical and spiritual energy. For this reason, we are proud to support the:

Sezione Giovanile dell’Hockey Club Lugano.




L’artista Daniele Dondé.